What is the role of a teacher in school setting?


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To teach proper reading,writing,arithmetic and other needed life skills to his/her pupils and be sure there's no cheating and to maintain a clean,quiet and comfortable place for children to learn,to incorporate one on one learning and levels specialized to each student's needs,to incorporate group participation and rewards for good behavior
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The role of a teacher in a school setting has changed greatly over the last several years.  In the past the teacher stood at the head of the classroom and imparted the facts either from a textbook or from personal and professional knowledge.  With the advent of technology, internet access, and the explosion of information in the information age, the main job of a teacher is to instruct those facts that are not changeable such as 2 + 2 = 4 and such, but to help their students understand the question and then find the answer, and how to utilize the different resources for locating information.
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To teach and guide the students they are teaching.

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