Does Disney Channel Need An Actress?


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Disney is always in search of new talent and young blood which can add value to the disney movies. If you have talent and have enthusiasm to become something, then you can definitely try your luck in Disney. You can know about the Disney staffing or hiring for its shows and movies only when you keep track of auditions which are announced by the company. Currently there are no auditions which means that it doesn't require actress right now. However, the best way is to have a link or contact with anyone in Disney company and ask about it by any employee in Disney corporation. Till that time, if you want to work in Disney, you can start working in other theater to gain some work experience and to make your resume good. If you have talent, then nothing can stop you from going anywhere you want.  Have faith in yourself and best of luck!!
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I really would love to become an actress at one oint and time in my life. I hav not been in drama but i am very funny,outgoing,and love to make people laugh....Please help me out
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I would love to become an actress but, there's nobody that want me. I can say they are missin out on something great. Love eugina
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Im 14 and recently taken a real intrest in drama/acting.. Laugh if you like, but it started because since i was about 11 or 12 i would make up my own games, but serious games. As if i was in a movie-weird i know but hey. And i realised i wan2 be an actress. Badly. I dont know where to go for acting lesson's, but im not too keen on theatre, but if thats what i'l have to do then i'll do it. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.. Btw, if i was accepted by disney would they give me info about it??
X Please help
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When will disney channel need a new actress if any one knows please tell me thanks a lot  :)
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I really want to be an actress but I don't know what to do for it please help me.
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I have talent, & my acting is great.

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