What Careers Can I Pusue After Completing BCOM Law?


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The first career option that you could look in pursuing is of course a career in Law. You could even go into finances if you wish with a BCOM Law on its own. However, if this is the only degree you have then you might not be able to go any further than Law or Finance.

If you wish to go into Law, then you could choose to further your education by researching which specific type of law you would like to specialize in. Once you have chosen, then you could go onto doing a LLB of certificate in that individual area. Not only will this give you access to the Company Secretarial field, it will also let you enter the specialized area of commercial law practice.

If you wish to further yourself in finance, then it is recommended that you undertake an Honors in finance rather than an LLB. The best careers in finance that you can go for are Investment Management, Financial Management or Financial Planning.

Although there is only a limited amount that you can do with your BCOM Law, it is becoming more and more popular all over the world and it is considered to be a very good starting platform as it gives you a great deal of background knowledge that can help to give the extra edge that a lot of people striving to do law unfortunately lack. If you wish to propel yourself further into the field of either law or finance, then you need to decide what you want to specialize in. However, choosing to specialize in one area does not mean that you just have to focus on that or put all your eggs in one basket. It is indeed possible to undergo more than one if you feel you are up for the challenge.
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You can pursue a career as legal corporate adviser,other good career opportunities exist in finance and banking,tax law.You can also decide on adding 2 years LLB after the completion of your B Com Law degree,This will definitely give you an edge over candidates who have LLB degree alone.B com Law is a very good career choice with loads of career opportunities
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B.Com is a degree that has is getting more and more popular all around the world. This is because this degree qualifies you for entry into a number of fields. There are a number of career paths that you can choose after completing your BCOM Law degree.

First of all you can pursue your career in law. You can do Corporate law and pursue your career as a corporate lawyer in different organizations.

On the other hand, you can also pursue your career in the field of Chartered Accountancy for that you would have to do CA. You can also pursue your career in Business Administration by qualifying yourself in the Master's in Business Administration.
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Does this type of law entail doing accounting or maths in university?
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So you can be a corporate lawyer in any organisation after completing Bcom Law?
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Yes there is maths involved, but really standard algebra, not that bad, and only one semester... You don't have to do accounting, it is one of the three options, the other two are economics and marketing.
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A BCom Law degree on its own will allow you to go into finance or law. Although, on its own it will not allow you to go far in either.

On the law side it is best to combine it with an LLB or/and certificates in the specific field of law that interests you (Banking and Financial Markets / Pension Fund Law etc.) This will grant you access to the Company Secretarial field as well as commercial legal practice.

On the financial side it is good to combine it with the field of specialization you want to go into. An honours is strongly advised when going into finance as opposed to the LLB when going into Law. Probably in Financial Planning, Financial Management or Investment Management with careers in the particular areas.

Hence, it is a good platform from which to launch yourself in either Law or Commerce with a background in both. But, you need to decide which side of the line you want to specialize. Also, remember one side does not limit you to that side, it is possible in doing all of the above if you are up for it.
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Hey. I am a first year B.Com Law student. I was planning to do complete this degree and add a further two years of L.L.B, but I've changed my mind. I am thinking of rather doing my honours after my degree. Do you think it';s a good decision to make?
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Hi I have completed my  bcom ...  Thinking of taking up corporate law .. Is it a good option coz I m not math person so ca n mba just  scraps out for me .. If corporate law is a  good  option where  should I do it from ?
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Today, after completion of
B.Com there are so many career options are available to choose from. It is an
undergraduate level academic program and this course is 3 years long. In India,
there exists regular B.Com. The program as well as specialization programs (IT,
Finance, Banking etc). After completion of B.com graduation degree, one can
make a career in the banking sector as well as in other different sectors. One
can apply for financial analyst jobs, Accounting jobs,
Charted accountant jobs  and other by
uploading resume on Monster India job portal.

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I'm an IT Engineer graduate..been working in the field for 5yrs..I'm considering bcomm law as my wife is currently busy with her LLB...will she be able to assist me?

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