What Are Cantilevers?


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Cantilever can also refer to how certain object move or are designed, for example here is a Cantilever Gate

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A cantilever is a type of beam. It is anchored at one end and projects into space. A cantilever beam is not only fixed at the support, but it also may extend to another support. The beam carries the load to the support.

It is at the support where the load is resisted by bending moment and shear. The construction of cantilevers permits the elimination of external bracing, which is normally a part of many long structures.

A cantilever is fundamentally different from a post and lintel system. In case of the latter, the beam is supported at both the ends. The loads are applied between the two end of the post and lintel beam.

Cantilevers are the beams commonly seen on the free-standing radio towers that do not have cable stays and chimneys. The cantilevers are prevented from being blown away by strong gusts of wind by the action of cantilevers erected at the base of the chimney. They are also used in the design of aircraft and in the field of microelectromechanical systems (abbreviated as MEMS).

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