What Are Leadership Qualities?


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Some leadership skills are: being proactive, begin with the end in mind, team work, and having balance in your life.

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There is a saying that a great leader will never ask his men to do what he would not. Leadership qualities are extremely distinctive but difficult to define. It is impossible to identify that one trait that a man possesses that would inspire other men to run through brick walls for him. There are some who believe that a good leader would have been a good follower at some point in time, while there exists another belief that a born leader can never follow.

Any analysis of leadership qualities will present to you a multitude of contradictions. Some of them are enlisted below:
• Genghis Khan was a great organizer and consolidator; he would recruit soldiers of the vanquished enemy into his own.
• Steve Jobs has done a great job as innovator and product developer but his administration abilities left a lot to be desired. He almost threw it all away.
• Richard Branson is considered to be a great leader because many of his business moves seem to have flown in the face of logic and have succeeded spectacularly!

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