Why is management important to society?


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This is a really broad and general question, but the short answer is that people have different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities in a work setting, and that ideally, management helps the organization as a whole to work more efficiently.  Management is not about power or status, and when it becomes about these things, it ceases being important to society and starts to become harmful rather than helpful to society.

Some people are good at seeing the big picture and determining what type of work to do and how to do it.  Others may have a little less initiative or creativity, but are good at focusing once they are given a task.  Also, some people are good at inspiring people, some people are good at listening.  Some people are good at explaining to others how to do something.

While all of these skills help at any job (see my post on working intelligently to see why), in general, management demands some skills more than others.  When people are placed in management positions who are good at seeing the big picture, who are good at determining what work needs to get done, and who are good at inspiring others, a workplace can be much more effective and productive and the workers can be very happy.  Similarly, when people who are less creative about thinking up work to do, but who are good at focusing, are given the guidance of a manager, they can be much more productive.

Unfortunately, the way our society works, often we don't place the best people in management positions.  Management should not be about power, control, or status, and too often it is.  Managers typically make more money and sometimes have more job security than those under them.  Also, sometimes people are promoted to management positions just because they've been in a position for a long time.

I believe that ideally, managers and employees should be treated as equals, only giving certain employees higher pay if their job is truly more demanding.  I think good management is not at all about power or control, but rather, about seeing the big picture, inspiring and supporting others, and guiding the employees under you to be as productive and helpful for the organization as a whole.
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Management  you will need. Without management your society will be horrible some people will care about the city your living in. They need cleanness ad tidiness they will make sure your community is safe and enjoyable to live.hope this helped!

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