Why Is Time Management Important?


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Time management is a set of skills that enables a more effective use of personal or professional time. It includes a set of tools that help in planning and scheduling activities. Given below are some of the main reasons why time management is important for both personal and professional success.

Time is limited: Time is limited in the sense that it cannot be stored for later use. Every person gets exactly the same amount of time every single day. Therefore it is important to spend it wisely, as time lost cannot be gotten back.

Time is Scarce: A lot of people feel that there is not enough time for them to do the things that they would like to do. Many a times, this lack of time is blamed for things like unachieved goals, stress, broken relationships, and poor financial condition. Using time management helps a person to mange life in general in a better way. Time is the key ingredient for everything that is worthwhile in life. Proper planning and scheduling, makes it easier to take time out for activities that were left out because of lack of time.

More is accomplished: It is a fact that time management improves a person's productivity. More work is accomplished using less effort. Wasted time is reduced. These two reasons allow a person to take out time for more activities. It helps a person take conscious choices in life in order to get more value out of it.
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Time management is important because it improve one's life and productivity considering his/her fast paced lifestyle and environment.
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What is the effect of time management on the employee effectiveness

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