Explain how wrong installation of hardware components can affect the system management?


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I assume that you're asking about computer hardware components and a computer operating system's management. If this is not correct, you may need to rephrase your question to make it clearer.

With a computer, the operating system (OS) is a huge piece of the puzzle, but the hardware installation is an essential part of that puzzle as well. Hardware, even when not installed just right, can allow a computer to run, but it will cause glitches in the OS and in the function of various individual computer programs as a result.

Insufficient hardware is one of the biggest problems with hardware components and the issues that can occur with OS management. For example, when there is not enough hard drive memory or processor speed the OS can have major problems, particularly in running certain kinds of operations. Additional memory cards or processor chips must be installed in order to correct these kinds of issues.

Many computers also experience problems when a new OS is installed. Unfortunately, other bits and components must usually be added if you upgrade to a newer OS as the former memory and processor speeds, as well as several other characteristics of the computer itself will no longer support the new OS. This can lead to freezing, loss of files, and even catastrophic failure of the system.

Driver problems are major issues that occurs with new devices like printers, imaging units, or any other form of additional plug and play hardware that is installed. Without the right registry keys being added and the right driver files being present in the OS registry files, the computer will be unable to effectively communicate with these new components on a consistent and reliable basis, if at all.

Activation errors and other types of OS errors are common place when the right hardware configuration is not present. While the OS may be capable of supporting a particular device, program or platform, it will not be able to do so if the right hardware is not present or if hardware is not installed properly.

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