What Is The Difference Between Public Administration & Business Management?


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Simply put, the main difference is that public administration focuses on government management whereas business management focuses on the management of corporate organisations. I am unsure whether this question is focused on these from a course perspective or a career perspective, but I will give examples of what is covered in the courses which will in turn help understand what is expected in the job roles.

Public administration is a subject which leads directly to jobs, with the same title, in the government field. Those who enter into public administration courses cover all aspects of what is expected of them should they enter into a role in local, state and even federal government. Modules cover subjects ranging from economics to law and well prepare students to move into careers in other areas in addition to government. Topics covered include; finance, safety and national defence, immigration, tax, law and foreign affairs amongst others.

Business management, on the other hand, focuses more closely on the general management of private sector companies. Although some of the topics covered may sound similar they will come from a much different perspective. For example; finance is still widely covered in business management courses; however, rather than looking at this from a 'how do we rescue the economy of the country through legislation' you would focus on aspects of paying wages and working out budgets and profit margins.

So as you can see the difference is basically a case of private versus government; this is quite a major difference and the courses, and indeed the job roles, vary fairly significantly.
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Public administration is primarily oriented towards public service organizations namely non governmental firms and other such projects which are usually not oriented towards profits and are meant for philanthropic organizations where as business administration is focused towards equipping students with the tools that are meant to contribute towards making profits for their employers and setting up profit oriented businesses.
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Administration is a common word in public administration and business administration. The difference is sector one is more toward profit and other is more towards service
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Different public administration for a special in several aspects, including goals and beneficiaries and the permanent post in the standards of decision-making and tactics and methods of evaluation and responsibility for the financial basis and finally ... : The following is an explanation in detail:

   1.  Different objective: Public administration is designed primarily to provide public services for citizens regardless of their financial returns resulting from these services, either the administration's aims in the first place to the profit
   2. Different beneficiaries: In the public sector to benefit a very large segment of citizens of services to the public either the private sector beneficiaries does not exceed customers, shareholders and the project owner
   3. In terms of permanent employment: In countries which pursue the closed system is a permanent job, even in the case of abolition of post, the officer lost in the service of the State shall receive the taxi situation is quite different in the administration of The job of a contractual nature and survival depends on the employee as needed
   4.Criteria decision-making: In public administration within political and social considerations and to take the decision after long deliberations and discussions in the latter is not the decision of one person, either in business administration into consideration objective standards and economic and are rarely taken due to other and loud because the target for the management of the business, a profit As he (Harold Grotner) ", which result from the loss effectively observes the people's sense to be borne by the State budget for the greedy politicians either for business owners, they bear and pay from their pockets and that means bankruptcy"
   5. Techniques and methods of evaluation: Evaluate each sector on the basis of its overall goal that the private sector goal is profit, the standards on which they are strictly economic criteria either in the public sector can not rely solely on economic criteria as the saying Waldo (Waldo) "can not, for example to evaluate the performance of the police department standard, which  cash expenditures over a certain period and can not evaluate his performance on the basis of revenue that can not be made the criterion of profitability to measure the performance  aunt where there is no link between the revenue generated and costs incurred "
   6-Responsibility: Responsibility, first known as the degree to which the institution or organization responsible to the others with regard to performance, public administration accountable to different bodies are accountable to the public, either legislative and other either in the private sector  to the Project Board only
   7. Financial basis: Different departments in terms of revenues and expenses and who is responsible in the public sector there are multiple sources of Aiardttnoa of taxes to the monetary issuance, fees and many other aspects of Ntinua also spending on health, education, transportation and many others also for the preparation of the budget it takes a long time PSAs multiple actors involved in either the private sector, income is heavily dependent on their investments and there is economy in the expenditures for the largest proportion of profits and the preparation of the budget depends on certain management within the organization so they do not take a long time
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The major difference between public administration jobs and
business management is that public administration includes nonprofit
organizations like charity, trust etc. It renders service to improve the lifestyle
of the public. Whereas in business management it involves complete
specialization business administration and operation of the business of an
organization.it sets goals to earn the profit.

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