Can you enumerate the sequence of service in a restaurant?


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Lynne Dwyer answered
  1. Greet
  2. Seat
  3. Offer menu
  4. Order Beverages
  5. Sit beverage
  6. Offer specials
  7. Ask for order Ladies first
  8. Give time
  9. Return to take order
  10. Return again to assure timeliness, refresh drinks
  11. Serve food, ladies first, refresh drinks, ask of other needs
  12. Return in 3/4 minutes to check happiness
  13. Keep an open eye for need or attention
  14. Remove dish's as emptied.
  15. When meal complete, ask of dessert/coffee etc.
  16. Repeat steps 11-14
  17. When table cleared ask of any other needs
  18. Leave and return with check
  19. Offer to return with change
  20. Express pleasure of company, and future service.
Things change when young children are present. Offer to bring the childs plate before the adults, very young children-offer crackers at seating, seat away from "couples" area.

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