Parts of an inter office memorandum?


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An inter office memorandum should contain a list of people who are permitted to see what is in the memo; for example, if the interoffice memo is being sent between Human Resources and Supply and Services, it is likely that the memo may contain confidential or sensitive elements, and therefore, a list of names is an important element in making sure that the interoffice memorandum is distributed to the right people.

  • Nothing private should be posted

In general, the content posted to an inter office memorandum should not be too sensitive; for example, information about firing someone should never be passed around in this way. In fact, putting the wrong information into an inter office memorandum may result in legal action if all goes wrong and the person being discussed realizes their private employment information has been passed out to a group.

  • Tips

The best inter office memos will include a proper mailing list or cc list (for email transmissions, which are now the norm for inter office memos), as well as practical, useful information, such as the minutes of an office meeting. Usually, meetings that are attended by people from various departments and branches will be prime situations for creating a memo with minutes. Sometimes, it will be someone`s job responsibility to create these memos after he or she also takes careful and detailed minutes at a meeting. 

Basically, the CC list and the main information in the body of an email is really all that`s needed to create an effective and professional inter office memorandum. However, these types of memos can be seen by all sorts of people, from the mail room clerk to the president of a company, so attention to detail, including a thorough spell check and grammar check, should be a given before anything is sent out to anyone.

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