Why is it important to use words and language a customer understands?


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Using language a customer understands is one of the last bastions of good customer service. Through talking to them in Crystal Mark English (a standard of the language that has been recognised for its simplicity), you will be able to ensure that the customer gets their queries answered. Through making sure that getting in touch with your company is an accessible experience, you will also save your staff the time that would have been spent on clarifying instructions and requests that customers didn’t understand.

Of course, in some advanced industries such as engineering and healthcare, using straightforward English can be difficult. Because of this, getting a content company to create literature that can be handed out to your customers can allow them to do their research and wider reading. Once these documents have been read, you’ll be able to have an intellectual conversation with customers, knowing that they will be able to understand what you have to say.

One of the vital components of business is repeat custom. If a customer doesn’t feel valued or like their requests are being accounted for, you may find that you lose their contracts in the future. In a perfectly-competitive market, where there are dozens of different businesses who provide the same services as you do, customers aren’t afraid to shop around and go with a company that understands their requirements. If you feel that your staff need training in communication, there are plenty of courses that can build teams and prepare you for future clients.
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It is called customer service. Customers buy products, product sales make money, money pays paycheck, paycheck pays for your food. You eat and go to work and make customer happy to come back to buy more products. It is a vicious cycle. If it gets broken, say by ticking a customer off because they couldn't understand, they go somewhere else to buy product. No customer means loss for business...and in time...go out of business...no job.  So you see....to a business, the customer comes before you.
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To sell your product or service at high level and make huge profits.. Unless otherwise your customers are happy, you cannot meet either high level sales or huge profits.

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