Suggest the best home-based job for a Microbiology lecturer?


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A microbiology lecturer may be able to find work as a consultant, by running a home-based consultancy. Since microbiology lecturers are generally highly educated, knowledgeable people, they have experience and wisdom that can be shared with any company or person who requires the expertise of a microbiology expert.

• How to start

The best way to get started as a consultant is to advertise services in trade journals and scientific journals related to microbiology. These journals are read by people in the industry, and any ads placed in these publications (which may be printed or published digitally online) will be targeted marketing that will likely attract new clients.

• What to charge

In order to decide how to charge clients when you are working as a microbiology lecturer, look at other consultants in your field, and what they are charging their clients. You will notice that the most reputable and established consultants will get more money for what they do. When you start your business, it may be wise to charge an hourly rate, rather than charging what you used to charge for a formal microbiology lecture. Sometime, the rates charged for a lecture will simply be too high to charge clients of your consultancy.

• Other options

Becoming a blogger or starting an educational website based on the study of microbiology may be a great home-based business; generally, these websites make money from affiliate marketing and paid advertising. To make the most of this type of home-based business, a person should familiarize his or herself with SEO (search engine optimization) and Internet marketing. Finding a niche audience and attracting them to a website is what SEO is all about; this type of Internet marketing uses keywords to strengthen rankings on search engines, thereby attracting the right people to a URL.

There are lots of ways to use experience as a microbiology lecturer in a home-based business; a person simply needs to think creatively and seize opportunities.

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