Are you not smart enough to take care of yourself and depend on the government benevolence, will they, also, tell you your rights in regards to light bulb use, seat belts, sugar use, etc.? What do you think?


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I find it intriguing that US elected officials talk so much about how they care for the average family.The support of free markets has become so absurd now that the government is meddling in something so inconsequential as light bulb preference or phosphates in dishwasher soap.These are decisions adults can make without government influence and what is the compelling interest here? I'm sure the usual platitudes such as environmentally-friendly, security and energy-efficient will be trotted out.While I'm sure there is no convenience of modern life that the government won't ban, they are facing trillions of dollars of debt and should address their priorities accordingly.I would start with cutting a regulatory 1984-style apparatus that gets to make decisions about the American people's quality of light.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
It seems that almost everything they propose is unconstitutional. In fact, most discretionary spending except for the military and all earmarks are unconstitutional. Too much winking and nodding goin' on dair. What do you think?
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Well noted for the discretionary spending being unconditional.It seems to many are unaware of this.
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All falls under the New World Order here where the Power of 300 take total control of your life with one of everything and it has started with the metric system in US schools, the world euro and bank system, etc so soon they will tell one everything unless we stop them first

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