Why don't we have enough people working to fulfill our necessary revenue obligations?


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Because it's a case of checks and balances and the Treasury simply hasn't got enough gas in the tank to make good on their obligations.Raising the debt limit is insane, as it's just a "can kick forward" for a short period of time.Increasing debt does not solve a debt problem and is akin to extending a credit card borrowing limit to pay off a mortgage.All downward spirals go to zero unless there's effective intervention at "ground zero".OTC Derivatives are what caused a four-year correction into the current Armageddon scenario.OTCs only go one way and that is Up - changing the nominal values are determined only camouflages the "obligations deficit".It does not solve them and are merely Ponzi stooges.
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Because the Government is spending way beyond its means and what it takes in, which is why we are so far in debt. We need to do away with our stupid credit rating and learn to live well within our means
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Joseph Michael Wasik
WE can do that by not raising the debt limit and our credit rating lowered. We are fast racing to the Greece Strategy. What do you think?
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Because not enough Americans, are buying American made products.The more the Americans support there own Country, the more jobs there will be, so stop whining about your Government. Its not what your Country can do for you, its what you can do for your Country.So buy American made as much as possible, and help your Country.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
On your point of Americans not buying American is misguided, I'm sorry to say, my friend. The reason for this is because the products they buy are more reasonable and were very likely from former American companies that moved overseas because of anti-business taxation and punitive regulations. Hopefully, that had some impact on your thinking.
Ray Ottewell
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Americans are holidaying all over the world, if they all holiday in the U.S.A. They will be helping there Country a hell of a lot.:))
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Because of the Government
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Big, wealthy corporations moving all those jobs overseas so they can become even wealthier, (i.e. Greed).  Sooner or later the rich will learn that they can't continue to accrue more wealth without consumers.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
The wealthy going overseas aren't the Liberal wealthy. The Liberal wealthy are staying here and going down with the ship. What do you think?

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