Do you believe that we should have more jobs in America? Then why do you hate the jobs makers?


3 Answers

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
We definitely need more jobs here but first we have to stop companies from laying off the employees already working to get this country back on line
Rebel Heart Profile
Rebel Heart answered
We have a whole generation of not just unemployed people, but essentially unemployable people.  They have no job skills, poor education, and a lousy work ethic.  What could possibly go wrong?
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Of course there should be more jobs in America, but actual fully-employed and properly-paid jobs, rather than a series of temporary or underpaid jobs that merely "massage the statistics" to make it appear as if DC employment policy is actually working.Too many companies are promoting temporary or part-time jobs that pay below minumum wage, forcing these employees to make the difference on welfare and food stamps.Proper jobs with genuine benefits and ooportunities are what's needed here.

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