What do you think the jobs opportunities will look like in August 2012, a year from now? Will you still be employed or still be unemployed?


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Overall the unemployment rate in the UK should remain static at 8% as this is the rate which has more or less stood since 1996 and the last flash recession.Britain is slowly coming out of recession, despite media analysts suggesting otherwise and should continue to do so.Even taking into account the London Riots which only affects the SE and Midlands.As for me, I should be okay, as translating/interpreting is a small niche profession with a small core number of agencies all profitting from goverments, companies, agencies and other outlets wanting work of this type done.We're actually hiring more staff now to cope with the extra business coming in.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
That's terrific, Are there any figures on those who have stopped looking for work as we have here? The govt' says 9.1 inemployed while the real figure is about 21%

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