What Do You Think Will Be The Most Rewarding Or Satisfying Part Of Being A Professional Social Worker? What Will Be The Most Difficult?


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The most rewarding thing about being a professional social worker would be how you can change the lives of disadvantaged or neglected children and make it better for them. The most difficult part would be to see how these children were living before you are able to help them.

  • A challenging yet satisfying role
Being a social worker is a job that is as difficult as it is rewarding in the sense that you have to see both sides of the story. You see children struggling and being neglected and have to work with them in order to make it better. However, the biggest reward would come from seeing the outcome of your help, and seeing that you have made a difference.

Social workers work with children from all different backgrounds, including:

  • Young children and babies
  • Teenagers
  • Orphaned children
  • Children with disabilities
As a professional social worker, it is likely that you will see situations that are very hard to bear. Unfortunately, there are children who are neglected in the worst possible way and it takes a very caring, loving and attentive social worker to help them bounce back.

  • What to expect
This job will be difficult both technically and emotionally for social workers, but nothing worth doing comes easy. The real reward will come from knowing that you have helped make a disadvantaged child's life so much better and you have brought about change in the best way.  

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