Why do people blame the teachers if their child isnt clever enough ...its everyone for themself , nobody's gnna sit there and teach you the whole dictionary..Are they?


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Agreed Addi - some people think that all the teachers have to do is wave a magic wand and presto!  Here are your GCSEs and A-levels - off you trot to Uni!  Doesn't work that way and the only way is to do the work yourself as you can't beat the system.  The teachers provide the skeleton, it's up to the student to "flesh it out".
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Have your friend check into student teachers. They do it for free to earn their own credits towrds their own teaching degree while in college.just sayin the old school method still works if the schools utilize them.in other words get your friend to request some student teachers to earn their credit while helping to teach in classes. Just a old school idea.the student teacher gets what they need and your frind would get what she needs/help. She will never know til she asks/tries.
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Bit difficult John -she's just changed jobs to become headmistress of a private kindergarten school.
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Im sorry but a teacher CANNOT force a student to learn and if u mess up..its your problem nobody elses not the teachers...thats life..live with it
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Parents are too lazy to take responsibility for THEIR children.  It's so much easier to blame everyone else.  I received a good public education but my parents made me study, do homework and keep my grades up.  The education is there for the taking but the parents have to step up to bat, make their children attend school, make them study, do homework and get good grades.  Parents need to parent and parent well if they really care about their children and their children's future.
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Yes thts true...but its also up to then individual , nobody can force you to learn u have to want to learn for yourself..8) thanks for answering
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Well teachers are there to teach the students, not the other way around and the students must learn something from the teachers.. If not, than well the student is not clever.
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The school and  the teachers take taxes/monies to do exactly that and if they can't they don't need to be in the business of schooling the masses.plain and simple.in other words the teacher is there to teach all the kids not just the ones who are considered average/smart enough to learn the way the teacher teaches the average student. In other words if a teacher is going to claim the license and pay that goes with the title then they should know how to teach that one student out of the rest that does not learn like the rest. As the schools and teachers and the government tells the taxpayers me/you/everyone  with their slogan -no student left behind. If they can't teach that one then they need to get out of the profession while collecting a exaggerated salary for doing so. Just learned the average teacher in maryland earns 100000 dollars for 9 months of teaching. : ) so you tell me why they can't sit there and teach that one kid who really needs that teacher to do their job. Hmmm? Makes me think how about the rest of you. : ). Just pointing out some of the truth the pta/board of education/local government does not tell the masses when asking for levies every year to increase their funding. The real kicker is taxpayers who are being taxed for kids they do not have  or are going to these schools/being illegally taxed for a service they don't use or have children accessing . In other words they are paying for something they do not receive anything in return for the taxes they should not be taxed for in the first place. Now that's the question you should be thinking about. People paying for other families childrens education through taxes.
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Sorry, for yacking soooooooooooooooooooo long : )
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It's not suppose to be everyone for themself especially if you know this and what is going on in your community/schools and to other students who are not getting their education. Then the students should stand up for each other and demand the same education along with their parents. In other words start a R.I.O.T. RIGHTEOUS INVASION OF TRUTH. Borrowed that one from radio u 88.7. : )
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If ur not gettin ur education then why dnt u do something about it? This is life...nobody is ever that nice to you..if your used to people giving you things on a plate then u will never be independent..yes a teachers role is to teach and ensure all students are gaining..but if the student doesnt want to learn what can the teacher do?

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