Do you have a career or a job? Which pays more and why does money matter to you? If it does not, why not and what is more important?


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I guess I have a career as I'm qualified for my job and have no plans to ever leave the agency I work for.Sure it pays well, but that's because my job is quite rare and demand for translation or interpreting services is quite high and not many people can do it really well.I'm ambitious and driven for sure and I want to have a successful and comfortable lifestyle.But that wasn't what attracted me to my career - I love working with all kinds of different foreign languages and I get to travel quite often as well.
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I'm getting tired of being stuck indoors doing an office job in the insurance industry and am considering training as an HGV driver. I originally trained as a bricklayer and after completing my apprenticeship worked as a builder for 5 years before deciding it wasn't for me and I sort of fell into insurance 15 years ago.

The thing is I've never liked being in an office and although I get on with everyone I prefer my own space. There's 300 of us in a massive office, everyone seems to know what everyone else is doing but I'd rather just do my job well.

I've always liked driving, I've done a couple of trips to Europe by car and quite enjoyed being on the road all day. Obviously as a job it'll be different but I think it'll tick a lot of boxes for me. So I'm trying to to find out how to become a hgv driver

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