Should I get a job at McDonald's at the age of 15?


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Duane Bryant Profile
Duane Bryant answered
Isn't 16 minimum age?  If you can get hired at 15 and you can keep up your studies, go for it.  You may find it a good reference for later work AND you just might find working at Mickey D's a good reason to continue your education at the college level.
Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
You have to check with their age limit. And yah if you can then go for it!:) working at McDonald's takes no skill whatsoever. Just make sure that you don't devote all your time to working just so that you still keep up with homework. If there's ever a job opportunity open, you should take it:)
bittu jain Profile
bittu jain answered

  No,  you can't do the job at Mcdonald's because you are just 15  Could I ask you one thing; why do you want to do the  job?? At this age, you must prefer to do the study and after completing your
  college, I would suggest you to do a good job. Best of luck of your future.

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