What Are The Jobs In Baltimore For 15 Teen Year Olds?


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In short, there are not a lot of jobs advertised for 15 year olds in Baltimore. Although the law states that teenagers can work from the age of 15, a lot of employers choose to wait until they have reached the age of 16 before offering them employment.
Fast food outlets may hire 15 years old to work at their branches and some grocery stores may employ them to carry groceries to customers’ cars. It may also be useful to contact local stores and newspaper offices that may be looking for people to deliver and collect newspapers or catalogues. This can be done by either walking or on a bike so a driving licence would not necessarily be needed.
Ask friends and family if they are looking for a babysitter as this may be a great way to earn some extra cash when they need someone to look after the kids. Some hotels and restaurants may take on teenagers to help with tasks such as housekeeping, cleaning and washing up in the kitchen.
If a 15 year old is unable to secure paid work, it may also be worthwhile thinking about contacting various companies in the local area regarding work internships and work experience. For example, if you are interested in working as a journalist in the future, now is the perfect time to ask for some experience that can be put to use when you are older and find jobs you can apply for.
It may be difficult to find a job at the minute for people of all ages, but it may often be more difficult for younger workers with less experience. Ask your school’s career service if they can help either secure you an internship or contact local businesses about possible summer work that you can do during your summer vacation.
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You can work at mcdonalds, chick-fa-la, giant, the fudgery, taco bell or coldstone icecream
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Not very much. Maryland's labor laws allow people of age 15 to work, but most employers won't hire until 16.

I think some grocery stores will hire at 15 for parcel pickup (carrying groceries to people's cars) and maybe some retail chains. Fast food restaurants will probably also hire.

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