Where Can Air Force Flight Attendants Be Stationed?


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A job as an air force flight attendant is not an entry level job. It involves the handling of numerous duties and responsibilities and one requires having special qualifications to get such a job.

An air force flight attendant basically has to provide for the security of passengers. He or she also has to plan, coordinate and manage cabin duties and responsibilities. They also have to execute aircrew functions, manage flight attendant goings-ons and associated responsibilities.

To be qualified for the job, one has to have a comprehensive knowledge of basic and emergency aircraft protocol, knowledge of galley equipment, handling of food and beverages, customer service and relations, and a host of other things. One also has to have completed the Flight Attendant course.

Enlisted jobs in the Air Force are called as 'Air Force Speciality Codes' or AFSCs. For more information on the same, visit the given link -

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