Will I Go To Iraq If I Join The Army?


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There is a pretty good chance you will.
But it also depends heavily on what you intend on specializing in.

I have two friends, brothers, who joined the Marines.... One has never left America because he chose to work primarily with Aeronautics and repairs.
The other dude went for welding of some sort... He subsequently was placed into the pool of front line infantry. I'm sure he welds stuff from time to time... I wouldn't know because nobody has heard from the man in over two years.... With the exception of his parents for two weeks about 8 months ago.
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Well it depends on how long you are in training for it to go into that field, most likely yes:) God Bless You and your choice:) I will pray for you:)
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Yes of course you will, after all we are in a war!!!!
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Depends on what part of the army you join. Some troops never set foot outside the united states and some do.

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