Can I Join The British Police Or Army If I'm An International Student?


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It is possible for an international student to join the British police or army, but there are restrictions on who can apply.

If you want to join either of these forces, you'll need to pass certain criteria.

Can I be a British soldier if I'm an international student?
If you want to be a soldier, you'll first need to decide whether you are planning to join the army full-time, or whether you are interested in joining part-time through the territorial army.

Your nationality and residence status will determine whether you are eligible to join the armed forces.

You can join the army if you're a foreign national provided you are a citizen of a Commonwealth country or if you hold British Overseas Territories citizenship.

You will also need to prove that you've lived in the UK for a set amount of time.

To read more, why not visit the Ministry of Defence website.

Can international students join a UK police force?
Each force will have slightly different requirements, so I'd suggest you have a look at the website of the particular force you're interesting in joining.

The Metropolitan Police Careers website states that eligibility requirements mean applicants don't necessarily need to be British.

All you need to do is prove that you've been living in the UK for the past 3 years, and that you meet all the visa and 'leave to remain' requirements.
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Yes you can join the army as a soldier. But you can only become an officer if you are living in the UK for more than 5 years, provided that you are a resident of a Commonwealth country.

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