What Does It Take To Be A Good Doctor(general Practitioner)?


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Without a doubt, To be a good G.P., you need an unusually strong love for people, and a desire to serve them. You should be a thorough person,and someone who likes to find answers to difficult or tricky situations. I think you should be tenacious, because some of the things you will see and experience as a doctor, could cause you to give up hope, but you can't. You have to remain positive and reassure your patients.

You should be a good communicator, and have good listening skills. You should be confident and even authoritative sometimes, to be able to deal with hospital and state bureaucracy. If you have all these qualities, you could also qualify to be a saint, so you might consider what being a doctor would demand from someone.

Being a specialist, of course, doesn't require you to be such an all rounder.

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