Who Was Alexander Kerensky And What Was His Role In The Provisional Russian Government Of 1917?


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The history of Russia's Provisional Government of 1917 prominently features the actions and persona of its Justice Minister, then Minister of War and finally Prime Minister, Alexander Kerensky. Although Prince Lvov headed the government until his resignation in July 1917 and though Minister of Foreign Affairs Miliukov proved to be a central figure throughout early spring of 1917, Kerensky assumed the role of the "voice" and "face" government, through his numerous appearances before Russia's ten million soldiers, his presence at the meetings of the Petrograd Soviet as well as other public appearances.

While Prime Minister Kerensky's oratorical talent, charisma and keen ability to reach compromises were unparalleled in the Provisional Government, these leadership qualities were overshadowed by his determination to continue fighting in World War I and a lack of a concrete and workable plan to complement the abounding rhetoric of a liberal, democratic Russia.

In the end, Kerensky proved to be another failed leader, who tried to introduce democracy to Russia after the Tsarist rule.

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