How Do I Get Out Of Paying My Library Fine?


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To get out of a library fine can be a really annoying process and my solution is sneaky, bad, wrong and extremely successful. I object to libraries funding themselves through the fine system.

It's a very simply process. Go to the library with your overdue books. Put them back on the shelves, roughly where they should be, be careful not to be seen.

Next, leave the library for a couple of hours. Return to the library with a family member or colleague and complain to the library that you are being fined for books that you have already returned. The librarians will huff and puff and may blow the house down but they'll swear to goodness that their bar code/computer/ticket system works flawlessly (and we all know computers and their human operators NEVER get things wrong).

In frustration ask your colleague, friend or family member to go and look for the book whilst you stay and argue with the librarian. Sure enough, your stool pigeon will return with the book.

If you have a partner in on the deal, skip most of this and just have your friend return with the book (which they have now taken out of their bag).

It's worked on many times for me, be careful and it can work for you too (not at the same library).
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How often do you ask and answer your own question?
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You object to libraries funding themselves through your late fees?! You are aware that it is otherwise a FREE and PUBLIC SERVICE? That if they let us keep these public items indefinetly we wld not return them...ever. What other system besides money do you recommend they adopt? Time-out? Vinnie at your front door? I gotta pay fines all the time, but I at least acknowledge its my negligence to return the public's property that causes the fine. Your objection is self-serving.
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Rather than ruin your character and do something unethical and illegal, why not plead mercy, tell the librarian you are in a financial bind if you are and ask them to reduce the fine.
If you can afford it, than be a person of integrity and own up to you mistake and pay the fine.

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