How do you motivate your employees?


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If you manage staff as part of your job, part of your responsibilities will also be to motivate your employees to get the best out of them and to benefit your business.
Try coaching your employees to improve skills
One to one coaching can be hugely beneficial to impart your skills and business advice to an employee that's new to the industry or role. This will encourage them to open up to you, ask any questions they may have and in turn make them more confident and better at their job.
Use recognition of employee's achievements
If your staff hit a particular target, go that extra mile or just do a great job, recognize and praise them for it. Many managers don't realize that just a little bit of attention can go a long way. Staff love receiving praise and knowing what they do is noticed and it stops complacency setting in.
Motivate staff through relevant training schedules
No matter how long your employees have been with your company there are always new skills to learn and new technology to get to grips with. Make sure all of your team have a regular appraisal and offer any training that may be of benefit to them. If you have industry seminars book them a place to attend so they stay on top on your particular industry news and events.
Improve your working environment
A splash of paint, a few pot plants and a working coffee machine is often all that's needed to perk up a tired office. Carry out an internal audit to see what small things would make a difference to your employees' working life.
How to reward staff to encourage motivation
Set realistic targets and offer appealing rewards for those that meet the targets. Create individual and team targets to really motivate across all levels. Rewards can be gift vouchers, a day out or even just a bottle of wine. If you work in a sales environment you'll hopefully bring out the competitive element amongst your team.
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And the most important thing is to give respect to juniors, as I have seen that many of the seniors didn't give respect to their juniors and this thing create a communication gap and misunderstanding between them and finally dispute. So try to give respect them.
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There are countless ways to motivate employees. You can train them, give them on-the-spot praises, and give them salary raises and monetary bonuses. Giving them awards is also an excellent way to give them a boost.

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