How 'Training And Development' Can Affect Employees' Morale As Well As Attitude?


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Training and development can be a source of motivation for the employees that in itself brings about a change in the attitude. Organizations carry out training after carrying out a training need analysis that determines the areas in which the employees are lacking and what skills they need to learn. Training motivates the employees because the employees feel that this will help them in their careers and reduce the level of work related stress as they will be better able to deal with the situation as they have more skills now. The training and development process also supplements employee needs of career development as they can take away these skills even if they leave the job. This motivates the employees to learn new things. The confidence that comes with being equipped with new skills brings about an attitude change in the employees. They will be more willing to do the work, more confident, willing to learn and show a positive attitude towards work.

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