How Is The Best Way To Annoy Your School Teachers?


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Interesting.. I like your question reminds me of my old days. Well in my case I can't concentrate in the class if I already know the topic and if I concentrate then I got confuse ;)
So here are few tricks through which you can annoy a teacher but in a way that he/ she won't say a word.

  • Try to sit in front row of the class. When teacher starts the lecture stare right into his/her eyes. They won't get angry but after a few days they will be annoyed and won't try to look at you. So now you can do what ever you want to.

  • When teacher is telling something very important like "cold air is lighter than hot air" then ask him/her to prove it and ask lots of question when you are getting bore. (My favorite).

  • Sharp and drop your pencil again and again.

  • Eat (bubble and sweet) in the class. 

  • Pack your books 5 minutes before the bell rings.

  • Read geography book in science class.

  • Ask for washroom and go to cafeteria … (wow another ones my favorite)

But remember try to do this stuff when you are good in studies. Because repo counts a lot if you are a good student then teacher will be annoyed but they won't say a word… but if you are not good in studies than you are history my friend.
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well Jannifer! What a character you must be. your answer tops any I could give so I opted out! good one, my friend!
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Loved your answer! Your answer is making me feel that I missed so much in school. How I wish I could be in school with you-Lol
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Although I am not naughty enough for this question I would Love to try(I cant compete my friend, Jannifer in this answer)
So, my ways are:

  • Always ask too much questions on ongoing topic pretending to be not understanding the topic at all, even if you know it from top to toe (My FAV one, Always annoys teachers because it wastes their lot of time but still makes us look interested)

  • Make noises(not whistling) at back benches asking teacher "when will lecture finish" when teacher's face is towards writing board(Tip: I never dared to do that, be very careful It can be distratous if caught)

  • Cough a bit intentionally when sitting in front row, It might force teacher to send you to drink water outside & enjoy cafeteria/playground for the rest of lecture(Suggestion: Use this method when previous bore lecture is repeated)

  • Ask lots of questions not related to ongoing topic.(Most dangerous one because it puts you into red limelight)

There can be many more. But I still remember only these ones for now.
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I Have A Few Ideas That May Help You out.
1. Be Late To Your Lesson And If They Ask Why Say "You Taxi Was Really Late So You Had To Walk All The Way Here Instead"
2. Eat In Class And Try And Make It Ovious So You Get Caught. When They Tell You To Stop Eating An Walk Away Quickyl Finish What It Was A Leave The Wrapper On The Table And Also Try And Find More Wrappers So You Have A Massive Pile Of Rubbish :)
3. If a teacher tells you to move seats tell the teacher that your bum is glued to the chair and cant move. If shshouts at you and tells you to move again, just walk over to the place she wants you to go with the chair. Also at the end of the lesson get up and walk out the door with the chair :L
4. If Its A Wet Day Get one of your books really wet and leave it on a radiator befroe yur lesson. Walk into class and if your teacher asks where is your book just say your leaving it to dry on the radiator.
5. Get a fizzy drink and fizzit up, open it and there you have it !. You could do this in sceince and explain to your teacher whe you do it that your sceince experiment went to plan perfectly. Try and get the drink splattered ontoo the teacher haha even better result.
6. Ask the teacher if he is a chicken
7. Set alight to the table.
8. At A Random oment ( mainly when the lesson is quiiet) shout something out really loudly or sing a kiddie song really loudly.
9. Ask if the teacche is homophopic.

I Should know I Was On Report a While Ago For My Behaviour So.. :) Have Fun! But StillRemeber Studying Is Boring :l .. Lol
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Keep your gloves on if they say not to in class
Try and make every one in the class laugh
Chew on chewing gum and if they say take it out dont
Dance behind there backs
Make funny noises
Ask to go to the tollit all the time

If you do all these thing u will be sooo cool and annoy the teacher
i hoped i helped
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Run the class at lesson time
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I just say the phrases "what" and "r u happy now", im not allowed in 2 classes anymore.....
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Half way through the class, get up, yell "ASSASINS GET DOWN!" and dive under your table :L
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This is not a good idea to annoy your teacher. One should respect his/her teacher to get knowledge and be successful. The teacher is at the place of your father.

However, there are some teachers which are problem creators for the students. All students dislike such teachers. The best way to annoy them to disobey them and make fun of them by planning. You can draw a picture of your teacher in the class board, make funny noises in the class etc.

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