Do You Trust Police Officers?


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No, I don't trust or like them. I find of most them to be arrogant and lazy. I have had several bad experiences with them in fact.

First, I was hit by a speeding SUV trying to go through a red light. The impact was so hard that according to the guy who hit me, my body just went flying and when hit the pavement about 30 ft away it just kept skidding.

Well when the police officer got to the scene, I was still concious and told him what happened but him being hispanic (like the guy who hit me), he lied and said I didn't comment.

He did not arrest the guy either, even though he had no license. His license had been taken away 3 years before he nearly killed me and put me on a wheelchair for a year and needing 6 operations.

Second, I called them over once to escort my then 27 year old brother out of my mother's house but when they got here they threatened to arrest her because she was too upset to tell them what happened and kept crying. 

Third, the front hood of our car fell off at night and several fire fighters who were in the area at the time advised us not to try and retrieve it on the highway and to call the police instead.

When I called the police from that area they told me it was not their responsibily to do that and I needed to go get it myself at 11 pm. I told him what the fire fighters had said but he still said that wasn't his problem, the fire fighters went back and got it for us.

Needless to say when I hear about things happening to them on the news I could careless. It's their arrogance they're paying for.
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I think police officers get a bad rap in general. 
Yes, some of them can be arrogant and even abusive at times - but the general public seem to forget that they're still human beings just like the rest of us.


Why I trust most police officers 
Some officers are terrible at their job, and shouldn't be on the force - but the majority of police officers I've met were generally polite and helpful. 
 Police officers are the first people we turn to when we need hep in an emergency and, whilst people don't hesitate to make the call if they need assistance - those same people are often very quick to condemn the entire force when they have a bad experience.
I respect the police for doing the job they do, they're a vital part of our society. 
On the other hand, I don't think we should be complacent and tolerate abuse of power.

If a police officer behaves or acts in an appropriate way, I think they should be held to account just like the rest of us. When this isn't seen to be done, then resentment and distrust can emerge. 
 I've lived in countries where the police force is riddled with corruption, where criminals can bribe their way out of trouble - and where minor offences are trumped up in order to extract a bribe. 
 In this scenario, I can 100% see why people might not trust the police.

I now live in the UK though, and we're lucky to have a fairly responsible and transparent force. 
This doesn't mean policing in this country is without its own problems:

A perfect example of this would be the Metropolitan Police in London.
My experiences of police in the UK 
The task of keeping London's streets safe is a difficult one - and not a challenge that I would relish waking up to every morning. 
For this, the police force should be congratulated and respected. 
But when things like the Ian Tomlinson "murder" occur (constable Simon Harwood was charged and found not guilty of manslaughter for pushing newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson to the ground and "accidentally" killing him), then this tarnishes everyones impression of police officers - because they are perceived to be above the law. 
 The London riots are another interesting example.
People in the Tottenham area of North London were furious when police officers shot dead a suspected armed criminal.  
But when widespread rioting ensued following the incident, every single person in London was grateful for the police's role in restoring calm to the city. 
I remember looking out of my window and seeing police battling masked looters and rioters at the end of my street, and at that moment all I could think was "thank God we have such a well-organised and effective police force". 
 If it wasn't for them, our house could have been targeted, looted, or even set on fire (as had happened to other properties). 
Thanks to the police, the troublemakers were forced to disperse, and the only damage that occurred was a brick through the window of the tattoo shop underneath us.
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Nope and I'll tell you why.... Because thanks to my father knowing the locals he got off after raping my sisters friend
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I am so sorry to hear about your sisters friend, i think each of us has a horror story to tell. It's to bad because the good ones are not part of that group. Every profession has its rotten apples, only those with power can do so much damage.
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You're supposed to be able to, but if you cant trust them, then who can you trust.
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I don't trust, because i had a very bad experience with a police officer, you might be saying, judging on one police officer is wrong. Without any strong reason no one changes their opinion
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I think every one trusts on polite and honest persons. So if I will find the police person with the same attributes than definitely I will trust on them.
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I've always trusted police officers, after all they can save your life, etc. But I don't think I would ever trust them 100% because of things like what Ryanna said.

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