Who Are More Important, Doctors Or Teachers?


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nettie answered
Teachers are more important without them there would be no doctors,who would be there to teach them.
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E A. answered
Teachers, who will teach the future teachers, and doctors of the world?
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Steven Vakula answered
Doctors couldn't be Doctors if someone did not teach them about being Doctors!
tony baloney Profile
tony baloney answered
Doctors are crooks.
Teachers are noble.
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Teachers are more important than doctors because teachers are the architect of the nation .The first and the foremost thing that we learn in our life is because of these teachers. There would be no doctors if teachers were not there

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A doctor can save your life, but a teacher will enrich your life and make it worth living.
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Jude Frimpong answered
Doctors are more important cos they save the lives of the citizens of the country which also include teachers.

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