Are Teachers More Important Than Doctors?


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This is a question that could be debated forever and with fair and valid points for both sides of the argument. It is a bit like the 'chicken or the egg' situation; there isn't really a correct answer as each side of the case could counter the other.

Doctors might be considered more important than teachers as they are the professionals we turn to in our time of most need and/or worry; when we, or our family, are sick or injured. It is human instinct to believe that our health and wellbeing, and that of our loved ones, is the most important element in our lives. Ultimately, being able to preserve someone's life is the most crucial skill available to man, but it is also true that the imparting of knowledge is a fundamental part of life.

A teacher, or at least a good one, has the ability to change the lives of those they tutor. Not only can they instruct them in their specialist subject or field, they also possess the capacity to instill a general way of thinking in a student. This can then be transferred into the student's everyday life, no matter what task they may be undertaking.  It could also be argued that as teachers educate us in life, we become more aware and intelligent, allowing us to instinctively consider our actions more carefully, thus making safer decisions in order to preserve our health.

Personally, I believe that it is impossible to say which job is the more important as they are both vital to the human race in differing ways. If we were without either of these professions we would be in a lot of trouble.
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The teachers are the one who impact knowledge on the doctor, and the teachers can also do the work of a doctor so if there were no teachers there would be no doctor.
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As it was said by Grellis....I think that is the real sense about it but since you are looking for one to support or against I will advise you to support teacher because without teacher there wont be doctor,and it is some body called teacher that teach doctor how to do the work,definitely the person called teacher that teach doctor how to do it should be able to do it more than doctor, only that he don't base on the work of the doctor 
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A doctor is most important person of society as a doctor makes efforts to make society healthy and makes the people healthy to actively participate in society but in spite of that in my opinion a teacher is the base line of every thing.a teacher is the basis of every knowledge.teacher is the person not only provide knowledge but makes personalities better enough to facilitate the society even a doctor is also taught by a teacher ;so we can rate higher teacher than doctor.
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Teachers are more important than doctors because teachers teach doctors so if there was no teachers there would be no doctors.
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I'd like to say one line for this----teachers are only responsible for making doctors so obviously are more important
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Well, both are equally needed. But how can a doctor be a doctor without being taught how to be a doctor. Do you see what I am saying? Hope this helps, a good day to you.
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Teachers are more important than Doctors because if there was no teacher they would be no doctor like saying if there was no human they would be no scientist
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Neither are more important.  To quote from the Bible, “As it is, there are many parts, but one body. The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I don't need you!’ And the head cannot say to the feet, ‘I don't need you!’”
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What u said is true but in life we must get the one who is more important than the other
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I don't think so. The argument that doctors are taught by teachers is true except those teachers are doctors or in medical professions themselves to teach medical students that will become doctors. By Moses Adewole
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Yes, in the sense that it takes teachers to produce doctors. Otherwise I would have to say that they are of equal importance to our society.
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Some doctors are teachers, but very few if any teachers are doctors, so by and large, a teacher is not better than a doctor, whatever 'better' means in this context.
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I agree with the guy above me (I don't know his/her name) doctors ARE taught by teachers but...those teachers are either doctors themselves or are in medical professions... I also have an essay on which ones are more important I just searched up" which ar emore important docrtors or teachers and it gave me a lot of info I hope that helps
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Teachers are more Important than the Doctors for this is the teacher making the Doctors.

Surely we must respect Teachers so very much than the Doctors.

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Johnady has a point but I believe that everyone has their own importance in the world so each role/occupation is important in their own way
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