Who Are The Most Underpaid And Overpaid Workers?


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Housewives (stay-at-home Moms) are the most underpaid. They have a 24/7 job, do a lot of the same work that teachers and janitors do, and get paid nothing for it. Too many times, they put up with verbal, emotional, and/or physical abuse in the bargain.

CEOs tend to be the most overpaid, and there tends to be a negative correlation between pay and performance in that group.
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Michelle New Zealand
You couldn't be more right about this, moms are Doctors, teachers, willing and wanting to be slaves ( in a good way of course) and much, much more
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Fat Cat CEOs Get Paid WAAY Too Much.. Teachers, Firemen And Police Men Not Enough Some CEOS Are Greedy Self Absorbed Men Anyway So They Don't Need Their Ludicrous Bonuses Anyway. Teachers Teach And Firemen And Police Men Save Lives Nuuf Said
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Underpaid workers complain about the wages other people make, and most overpaid workers  try to justify their worth. Anyone who works by the sweat of his brow is the salt of the Earth and deserve more than they get no matter what they earn. I feel you should be paid by your value to society. If you are contributing much you deserve much. If you are paid well and contribute little you are a leech and suck the blood of others..
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You may be right about the teachers somewhat. I agree with your answer though man. By the way I love the new profile, certainly stands out lol
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Most underpaid are the military people and teachers. While the most OVERPAID are the idiots who make the movies, sing crap songs that other idiots watch and listen . .....especially the ones like Alec Baldwin who treat the children rudely and all of the drug users who the fans think are great and the rappers.....Lil Wayne...and what do think these people will EVER do for you? They are so tied up into themselves...they could careless if u live or die. Yet, people pay their last cent to see or hear them. It's not about music and culture. It's about sex and immorality. But who cares while the world continues to pay. Anyway, its just my opinion.
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The people who put their lives on the line for the public every day they go to work are the ones that can never be paid for the value of the work they do....firemen, policemen, soldiers.  Entertainers (including sport personalities) are grossly overpaid for what they do.
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I think that a lot of public school teachers are underpaid. Our teachers here in Tennessee have to buy their own books & supplies for their classrooms out of their own wages. Theese teachers are supposed to have everything at their disposal to ensure our coming up generation has what is needed to be a success & run our country? We will however pay football, golf & baseball players huge amounts of cash that is SOMETIMES abused by taking steroids & creating public scandals. To me our entertainment should come second to our childrens future. Just my own personal opinion but its how i feel about it.
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You're kidding Safarii. That's third world country stuff.
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No, actually if you ask if i'm kidding about the teachers having to buy their own stuff or ask the parents to donate art supplies & the like i'm not. I can name off many schools right here that can be called & verified as to what i'm saying. Check out where my state places in scholastic ratings. Of course i am talking about up to high school not college.
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The teachers here in Texas are certainly not over-paid. I know of several who purchase school supplies and furnish them to the children that can not afford them and they do this out of their own pocket because they care. Another thought to keep in mind is an old saying, "If it were not for the people in the teaching profession there would be no other professions." It is unfortunate, but many Texas teachers leave teaching & go into the corporate world and make many more $.
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The most overpaid people are all the Politicians and all their top government officials.  They get the glamour and the pay and do very little for it.

The most underpaid workers are the people actually doing all the work so the Politicians and their buddies can get the glamour, pay and all the freebies.  Also these underpaid workers most of the times have more know how and brains then the people sitting in the positions
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Teachers for underpaid. Corporate people who shuffle papers at a desk all day and never actually produce anything for their efforts - they are overpaid in my opinion. But then again I am more a manual worker so I'm bias lol
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Can I add soldiers too... They get paid crap for what the job asks from them.
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Indeed they do Gvp.
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New hire teachers make a fair living. Tenured teachers with benefits in a decent school district are in the six figure range and that is for 180 school days per year. All teachers cry the "poormouth."
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CEOs are overpaid...bread delivery truck drivers are the most underpaid people I have ever seen I knew this one guy who worked 80 hours a week for over forty years or about $20,000 a year...
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Overpaid: Britney Spears
Underpaid: The auto rickshaw drivers and farmers back in India

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