What jobs can you get without a high school diploma and if you are shy?


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Dylan Lemke Profile
Dylan Lemke answered
Grocery bagger?
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
You can work at a library:)
Evan Deng Profile
Evan Deng answered
You can volunteer for many community work (such as picking up litter)
or work as a cashier
Good luck :)
Fernando Bonilla Profile
Being shay is not as bad as not having a high school diploma. Not even with a high school diploma is not much you can do. I suggest you get the equivalence & go to college and get better skills if we want to ridge your gold
joel samson Profile
joel samson answered
Your best bet is to get your GED diploma.Go to your local public library to find out how. Ask at the reference dept. Until then you can do odd jobs for cash. Check the "gigs" section of craigslist, and look under labor.
Hikori Dark-Blade Profile
I Highly Suggest you Stay away from A Certain Odd Job though, What is it? It is Being a Prostitute, If you Value your Sanity, Virginity, Etc. I suggest you Stay Way From that One!
John Profile
John answered
Owner of amazon  dot com,world class jewel thief,hahahahaha : ).basically anything you want to be you can be.

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