Who is more likely to get a job? A disabled person with no experience but has good grades or a abled bodied person with good grades but no experience either?


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Im supposing the able persn because physically they are healthier but it depends wat type of job it is..if it involves physical work then obviously the disabled person will struggle and most likely not get the job..although it is law in Britain that equal rights have to be given to all people applying for a job..but i guess it also depends on who has more of the tactics/plans...more knowledge and understanding for the job. Just because you have good grades doesn't meant your going to be good at a specific job.
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You mean one is in a wheelchair and the other is not?

Then the one who isn't in the wheelchair would get a job more easily
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Drew Washington answered
This depends on person to person and also what the job requires.  What if it's something that does not require physical labor instead is a mental or better said technical service?

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