Do you know someone who cries over bad grades? What would happen if you were a teacher?


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Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
I do not know anyone who has cried over bad grades.
But I know one girl who cried over having a bad hair day.
And I know that --in general-- it is a waste of time crying tears over spilt milk.
I try not to spill any (milk, that is), but then even if I DID spill a few drops my cat 'Magic' would be in there like a flash-of-lightning, to lap it all up. [Amen].
PS : Maxine : To avoid you putting messages [to me] on other Blurtit members' Shoutboxes, [ Stand up please Allabarra Lantern and Millicent Williams] ---I have decide to be friends with you after all; but do not cheat or steal on me, please, otherwise all bets are off.
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Arthur Wright answered
A teacher has to be fair and impartial to all their students, which isnt always the case. But grades have to be and never let a student get to you like crying over grades when they were warned of low grades
Addilynn All Star Profile
I cried over bad grades..(before i was a ninja!) and u knw WHAT! I FELT GREAT OKAYY! Im no sissy! But if i wnna cry i flippin will and u guys cant say anything to mee! (not tht i want to cry now!) but theres no point in crying over bad grades...they're not gnna magically turn into A*'s are theyy! Noo you failed , your problem , you never worked hard , tough Luck , life was never gnna be easy! You MESSED UP! Nobody else did tht exam for you , so if you failed u obviously didnt try hard enough, just like me when i first failed , but u knw what! FAILURE makes you stronger! Yess it makes u realise tht i dnt wnna be here again...i dnt wnna faill..cus im no failure!"
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Lexi answered
This one girl cried nearly every single time she gets a grade. You like, expect her to cry.

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