Why do people fail again and again and never manage to correct their mistakes? What do they do if they can not change who they are and what they do?


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Called Human Nature and the intention to repeat history over and over again and never learn
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To correct this do this-ask God/Jesus for direction and help in their life. Believe it or not ripley.i don't think my friend will mind me telling this story. So here goes.he lived in a 15 foot travel trailer in a trailer parked worked  50 hours a week at a dead end job when i first met him and drove a 20 year old truck thinking he would never have a life. Once he got to where he needed God and asked him to direct his life and gave of what he had(his talents) and knew,things changed for the better.he moved from his trailer to a mobile home in a nicer neighborhood ,then to a apartment ,then to his first ever new home with a new  job doing exactly what he wanted ,mechanical /drafting/  engineering. But all this after catching a break he never thought he would have been given in life.when God puts his hand in your life/his life.things happen. He was given a class in c.a.d. For free and given a advancement in his job  by the head of the company he worked for. All this came out of the blue after asking God to direct his life. : ). Now as he got his new house ,his new job,he found his high school crush after 25 years  and asked her to marry him ,and guess what they are now married.even the company he worked for at the time sent him to germany for some training and he was allowed to bring his new wife for  a fully paid for honeymoon on the company. So God took what he thought could not be  and made it happen in a short period of a few  years. Now the kicker in all this is God had this planned before my friend or his wife were even born. Now that should blow anyones mind to think about when they think they are a failure in life.as God puts it - i will give you houses you did not build,wells you did not dig or goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life if you simply believe in/on my son Jesus(loosely paraphrased).this is the condensed/short version.
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They fall so they can get up and try again,they fail because they don't see a way to get up again.
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Well fail is as imp as pass becz only a failer can learn the power of pass and a failer is imp. To learn the mistake on past... One should only need to do "practice" this is the key to sucess...i hope u can understand what i mean... So when did u come for a movie with me?
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They fail and its over and its all she worte gone over im not getting in that position
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Creatures of habit who cannot erase the stripes that lead them to continually make mistakes in their lives...like hamsters caught in that wheel lol.

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