Is it possible to use Astrology to find a job?


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I'm jumping up and down - waving my hands up in the air - shouting a big fat YES to this question!  So many of us are caught up in changing times and it's such a difficult thing to sit and wait for something to happen.  It's a great thing to be able to hone in on the timing of big things like this - and know it's coming up or that you have to wait it out a bit.

Your Astrology chart can actually show when there are "lucky breaks" or specific times when opportunities will find you.  The important thing to remember, however, is that you'll always need to be open to different opportunities because maybe you were really hoping for a call from Victoria's Secret for the bra designer job and what actually ended up happening is that you got a call from McDonald's to flip burgers.  My advice is to plant your seeds wisely if you know your beneficial Astrology days and be patient in letting them grow!

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Haha I love the line: "waving my hands up in the air - shouting a big fat YES to this question!"

Very enthusiastic :)

How do I find out my "beneficial astrology days" by the way? And does each person have a fixed day of the week that's particularly associated to their sign - or is this something that changes on an individual basis?
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Finding a job or having a good opportunity day always makes me giddy for a person - it's exciting ;-) The easiest way to find out your "good days" is to check with an astrologer or follow your transits which reveal how the moving planets (the planets change position every 2 minutes) are affecting your particular chart. There are inexpensive ways to get listings of your transits on the web. It is an individualized thing and definitely depends on your astrological makeup and how the planets are affecting you at a given period.
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You'd definitely be able to find work in the field of astrology!

"Alternative beliefs" such as astrology seem to be in higher demand by the public these days, so it'd make sense if positions involving skills such as tarot reading or palmistry became available soon.

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Is I do believe in astrology with personal experience

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Astrology is nothing but fake. No one has ever proved its efficiency. So, my answer is no. It's better to use or any other like service that helps people in finding jobs. Don't waste your time on astrology.

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Not. Astrology will never help you in relationships, work or family. Everything is in your hands, and if you are experiencing difficulties - just solve a problem or a couple of problems and everything will work out! Find jobs for you will help reviews about the workplace, the location and properly drafted resume with where you can write a resume that is 100 percent of interest to the head of any company.

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