What do you guys think about making a web site for your resume when you are applying for jobs? I've been unemployed for about 5 months now and am trying to find ways to stand out.


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Hi Valerie.

Last year my husband was looking for a change but he wanted to try a new approach.  His profile is a very specific one and it's not that easy for him to find job opportunities.

So I created a resume website for him to see how it worked.  Surprisingly, since day one, he started to receive job offers.  It was the first time that he didn't have to apply to a vacancy before getting contacted.  The website resume doesn't do magic but it does help a lot.

Graphic designers use this format to promote their work so why not use it for other job profiles?  I don't think how creating a website could damage  anyone's image.  I think it's a very nice and creative way to show your experience and skills.

Here's the link to my husband's resume if you'd like to have a look: http://www.samirnabulsi.com

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Noah Green answered

One critical aspect when it comes to applying for a job, is looking natural. Going as far as making a website for your resume, may cause your employer to see you as a "try-hard". A website would show that your desperate for a job, thus sparking doubts about you in your employers mind.

It's none of my business as to why you've been unemployed, but I'd say, be natural. Stay relaxed and at ease. A good way to show your employer that you're serious without going overboard, is to research what the company does, tell your employer your skill sets, and then let them know how you believe you can benefit their business. This will show them that you are well-prepared.

Remember. . . Stay calm, cool, and collected.

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What difference will a website of your resume make? Just try harder, 5 months isn't so bad when you compare it to others who have been unemployed for much longer, more than 12 months!

Making a website seems a little bit silly, and Noah is right, it may set off the wrong impression. The employer will start to wonder why nobody took you on, that may go against you. Also its important to remember that any job must be suitable for somebody in desperate need of work (if you are that is, if not then ignore this point!).

Check your resume, maybe it needs a little tweeking? Now obviously I don't know  what job you're trying to apply for but try and meet the criteria for having a solid Resume, and then brush up your interview skills (If needed). Other than that do some research on some of the jobs you'd like to get or apply to, if its a business take a look at their mission statement and a sufficient job website shall be able to provide you with details of previous employees, you can take a look at their status etc. (Websites like LinkedIn) Other than that though, Good Luck, I hope you find a job soon.

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First I want to say don't give up!  Finding a job in today's market (whether it be your dream job or just any job that allows you to pay the bills) is incredibly challenging.  It's a full time job looking for a job and it takes a thick skin to stay motivated and keep at it. 
Secondly, I don't think one needs to take the time to create their own website - specifically showcasing their resume.  There are plenty of other outlets out there (Linked In is the biggie) that you should already have when in the job market.  Linked In is a great tool to show your experience as well as indicate you're actively seeking employment.  It's also a great networking tool and a lot of people end up finding jobs through people they know or interact with.
Use the time that you would have spent making that site by creating a blog that you update regularly or volunteering your time somewhere.  Employers like to hear what you've been doing while you've been looking. 
Good luck to you and patience pays off!

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Is it a good idea to create a website for your resume? I just did little
research, and in 2012 there were a total of 634 million different websites out there. 

So while creating a website for your resume isn't necessarily a bad idea if people are looking for you specifically. It's not going to be a way that employers find you because there are just too many websites for them to find you.

So if you want to stand out try to stand out in ways besides your
resume. Rather than posting your resume on online job postings look for other ways to apply for a job. That can be as simple as going door to door, it can be going to meet up groups in your area for professionals, or going to professional development events, or volunteer events run by your professional association, asking your friends and neighbors for introductions to other people who are in your field that you might be interested in reaching out to, and you could even go to the bar down the street from the headquarters of the company that you want to work at where you know that people will go to after happy hour each week.

These are all different unique ideas that you could pursue to get your
foot in the door. Any of these tactics are ways that can help you be unique. So yes, posting your resume on a website can help you be found if a company is looking for you, but they can also find the same information on LinkedIn and see recommendations on LinkedIn just as simply. Instead, look for other
possibilities to stand out like those I mentioned before.

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