Why do you want to work for chipotle?


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I'm guessing you are applying for a job at Chipotle right? Well I would say something like "I love the food and I love the brand" or something like that...

To be honest, you kinda just gotta say what they want to hear at that stage of the process, so try ad surprise them with knowledge about the company etc...

Check out the careers page on the website and use material from there:

For example, it says something like "When Steve Ells started Chipotle back in 1993, he only intended to open
one restaurant—not a chain of more than 1,200. Because of that, he broke
all of the rules and Chipotle became a new kind of fast food
restaurant. In fact, we do just about everything differently and it
starts with the people we hire to work in our restaurants.

So you could use that and say like I want to be different from all the other servers out there and I like what Steve Ells has done... I dunno, just an idea!

Good luck anyway xx

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