Why Do You Want To Work As A Support Worker?


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You will be asked this question in your interview, and there's a reason that they ask you - and that's because each answer should be different. Everybody's reason for wanting to be a support worker should be different, but as long as you have a good reason and you have the drive that is needed to do well in this area, you should be able to answer the question well in the interview. Simply think about the reasons why you wanted to do this job - you may have a personal experience with support workers or you may have seen something and wanted to help in the future.

  • Interview tips
You need to make sure that you wear your best clothes. This provides a great first impression. First impressions are really important as they do stick, and this impression will see you getting the job or not. A man should wear at least a tie and a shirt, and a woman should wear a skirt or a matching suit.

Reduce the amount of accessories you wear. Accessories can be eyebrow piercing, tattoos, nose rings and over the top jewelry. You want to look completely presentable in the interview and things like this may put the employer off from hiring you. They may eventually be okay to wear while you're on the job, it's not appropriate to wear them at this stage.

Remember to study about the company. Knowing what the company does and some information about it makes it look like you've done your research. This works in your favor.
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