Can you explain the Henry Assael Model of buying decision behaviour along with the diagram?


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Henry Assael was fascinated in understanding why consumers chose to buy the goods they did, and he came up with a list of four unique "buying behaviors" that consumers displayed when he studied how consumers were:

a) involved with the goods they bought

b) how the different goods/services differed from one another

This lead to 4 key areas in the consumer choice model:

- Packaging

- Brand Extension

- Logistics

- Marketing communications (integrated and direct marketing)

For more information on Henry Assael's studies, please see:

As for the actual Henry Assael Model of buying decision behaviour, I think this image depicts it very well:

I would also recommend taking a look at this marketing management course offered by SMU Indore. 

It has many diagrams of the Consumer Buying Behavior in the following pages:

Further reading you may enjoy is the NYU Stern page detailing the faculty biography and work of Henry Assael:

His interests are listed as:

  • Media Research
  • Market Segmentation
  • Advertising Evaluation
  • Survey Research Methods

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