What Degrees A CEO Should Have?


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A CEO doesn't need to have any.  Good financial, marketing, and leadership skills are a must, though.  One can have these skills without any kind of degree (consider those that start their own companies).    However, on the path to becoming a CEO, having a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) would be an excellent idea.  Having some kind of undergraduate degree in economics would be very helpful, as well.    I can't stress enough the importance of leadership skills, however.  A good leader is not one who just gives orders, but creates an environment that encourages hard work.  A good leader is not a order-shouter, but a facilitator, one who provides the tools and means necessary for subordinates to succeed.  A good leader also models the example that he/she wants all employees to follow.    Of course, this is true not just of CEOs, but of anyone in a leadership position.
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As much business education as one can get,math,english,etc even some psychology,because you will definitely have to know how to deal with people and or defuse a situation,handle and carry on meetings,have ideas on how to grow the business etc...good luck
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To work for a company that is already up and running,they will request a degree or education reference and that depends on the position you are applying for...good luck

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