What's The Qualifications Of A CEO?


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CEO is the abbreviation of Chief Executive Officer . The person having this rank is considered as the main person and the head of all leaders in the hierarchy. The core responsibility of this person is to take complete and proper care of all the projects and assignment which may come under this department . The reporting people are the directors and managers of the organization

The qualification of CEO is dependent upon the flavour of the company job. This means that what sort of activities they are having and what type of services they are providing . This can be explain if we suppose that there is a company who is in consultancy services . The CEO of such company must have hands on knowledge of the work . He or she should be at least graduated from a well reputed institution or must have extreme knowledge and experience of at least 10 to 15 years in the respective field .

The CEO can either himself be the owner of the company or the company's owner can hire a good talented and well educated person who is committed to prove himself and have extreme quality of leadership .
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I am fully agreed from the above qualification. But there are many people in this world who do not have higher qualification but have a great attitude and strategy to run the business. So what about that people? Why companies limit their boundaries?
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A graduate from a reputed institution....

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