Who Was The First Pilot In India?


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J. R. D. Tata was India's first pilot. He was born on July 29, 1904 and died on November 29, 1993. While his mother was French, his father was a Parsi by the name of Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata. RD Tata and Jamshetji Tata (the father of Tata Steel) were brothers and their father was Ervad Jamsheed Tata who was a priest of Navsari.

J.R.D. Tata's full name was Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata . His friends used to call him Jeh. He was elected the Chairman of Tata & Sons and held the position for a long period of 50 years. He was instrumental in launching India's first international airline which is Air India. He was an excellent entrepreneur and his ventures included the starting of the first motor company, first bank and also the first chemical plant. He was also awarded the Bharat Ratna for his extraordinary contributions to India's financial picture.
K. M. Mathen, was the first Indian Pilot to fly a Boeing 747 in the year 1970. He was called the "First Indian Jumbo Pilot". India's first lady Pilot was Sarla Thakral who took her first solo flight at the age of 21 in the year 1936.
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This answer is misleading. A little known Dattatreya Laxman Patwardhan who served in RAF under name 2nd Lt. D. Lakman Pat during WW1 is the first Indian pilot. He was commended by King George V on 24 April 1919 and later retired from RAF . On 13th May 1919 Marathi newspaper 'Kesari' also ran article on him
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N R Qureshi of patiala state india who was pursuing his engineering studies in uk at the onset of 1 lst world war opted to join the the royal flying corps.He shot down at least one german aeroplane during aerial combat.After the war he completed his engineering studies,but unfortunately was never heard again.His entire family migrated to Pakistan at the time of partition in 1947.Any body having any information about Qureshi is welcome to share.

Naim .Islamabad Pakistan
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J R D Tata was the first commercial pilot of India.
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JRD Tata was awarded the first pilot license by Federation Aeronautique International on behalf of the Aero Club of India and Burma .

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