How Difficult Is It To Become A Pilot?


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Nothing in this world is difficult. It is just our thinking and approach make things difficult for us. It is just a matter of giving time and concentration to some subject. Nothing can be achieved without having passion about it.

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I'm sure it is not difficult to become a pilot . You just need to put  a lot of focus in to what you are doing for the sake of your hard and pilot you can follow your dream oneday  ... Mi dream is to become a pilot and I asked myself the same question  ( is it difficult)  but in the end I learnt that it is not , you must just look foward and KEEP BELEIVING...
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I am only 16, but my dream is to become a pilot. I have been playing the PC game, Microsoft Flight Simulator since I was 3 years old. That has taught me so much about airplanes, and how they work. I recommend that you purchase that game, and really try to learn about flying before you pursue a career in aviation. Also, look into flying lessons. They are expensive, but if this is the career you are trying to have, it is certainly worth it. Best of luck
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You have to b a certain height... that's what my friend said, and he is a sergeant.

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It would be pretty hard because you have 2 no how 2 activate things and learn to steer and do things you have never done before unless you have ever been a pilot

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