How to earn money using the Internet?

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There are many creative ways to make money on internet. For example you can start with your own website, and monetize with an affiliate product. Just promote your website and wait for your commission. 

Good luck :)

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If you are looking to earn money using the internet then you may want to try these helpful tips:

Create your own online business

Many people have created their own online businesses by selling services for creative industries or retail products. If you are good at proof reading you could create a literary business where you charge people to proof read their work. This can be a profitable way to use your talents and make money from the internet.

Internet Shopping Portals

You can make money on the internet by selling items on internet shopping portals such as Ebay. You can list an item, set an amount and can even have people bid on auction for your items which may mean that you can earn even more money than expected.

Online Surveys

Many companies on the internet pay people to take online surveys. You can register your interest in online survey websites that pay customers to answer their surveys and start earning money. Although the money you may earn on these online surveys may be minimal every penny counts.


You can charge companies to advertise on your website if you have a large fan following. Many companies will pay people who have a substantial number of followers or clients so that they can gain more profits for their business.

There are also ad networks which you can easily sign up to in order to display adverts on your site. Google's Adsense is probably the best known one.

I hope these ideas help you to earn money on the internet!

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If you want to add some money into your account for less effort I would recommend a website "" Its mainly for Gamers but everyone can use it for free.

They offer multiple ways to earn money. Complete tasks and offers, watch videos, mine cryptocurrencies, invite friends to their site or join idle servers. It's quite easy!

They offer different withdrawal methods, on one hand, you are able to purchase virtual Items, for Games like cs:go etc.

On the other hand, you are also able to withdraw cryptocurrency or diverse gift cards.

Just see for yourself it's a good extra income, especially to buy game-related content.

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