What Types Of Careers Are Available To People Who Speak Foreign Languages?


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There are several good careers for people who speak foreign languages. For example; teaching, translator, transcriber, and international business and relations are a few careers that hire people who speak more than one language. However, if one has the ability to speak another language, there are numerous opportunities in all fields of interest. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States today; therefore, careers in the healthcare industry, the legal field, the educational field and many more are in desperate need of professionals who can speak Spanish. If one lives in or near an area where English is a second language, then the career opportunities utilizing foreign language skills are more abundant. Bi-lingual secretaries and interpreters are also jobs in high demand where knowledge of a foreign language would be beneficial. In general, people who can speak a foreign language can make more money than the average person.
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People who speak foreign language can go to that country and can do job according to their qualifications. Also they can teach foreign language to others.
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ALL types of careers are available to people who speak foreign languages.  The more
foreign laguages a person can speak the better the availability of careers.

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